How much does it cost to get home appliance repaire service in Ottawa?

It's difficult to estimate the cost of repairing a home appliance without first diagnosing the issue. However, at Fair Appliance Repair, we are different from other companies, our appliance technicians will always give you the full cost of the repair before any work is done. You'll know exactly how much the labor and appliance parts will cost, regardless of how long it takes to fix it.

What is the earliest time that a technician can arrive?

At Fair Appliance Repair, we understand that your time is important. That's why we schedule precise appointments rather than giving you a window of time to wait for our technician. We respect your time and your property and want to provide the best customer service in Ottawa. When you call us, we'll let you know exactly when our technician will arrive.

My appliance isn't working properly, can you tell me what the problem is over the phone?

Although we always aim to give our clients the best customer service, it can be difficult to diagnose appliance issues over the phone. However, when you are ready to repair a broken appliance, we recommend that you schedule a service call so that one of our technicians can take a look at your appliance in person.

How long does it usually take to repair a home appliance?

It depends on the appliance and the problem. Some repairs can be done in a matter of minutes, while others may take a few hours.

Is my appliance worth fixing?

This answer depends on the appliance in question and the cost of the repair. Generally, if the appliance is old or the repair is expensive, it is probably not worth fixing. We recommend that you schedule a service call so that one of our technicians can come and take a look at your appliance.

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We started our business because we understand the pain of having broken appliances. Being a family-run appliance repair business, we're happy to offer you affordable prices. So please, give us a call!