Photo capturing the inside of an open refrigerator bathed in a warm-toned light. It's evident that the cooling system has failed as evidenced by the puddle from the melted ice cream and the wilted vegetables. The bottles and containers have condensation on the outside, indicating warmth.

Is Your Refrigerator Not Cooling?

Ottawa Fridge Repair by FairApplianceRepair Can Help!

Illustration of a refrigerator with a disappointed expression, indicating it's not cooling properly, standing alone in a room with a puddle of water underneath.
Encountering the issue of a refrigerator not cooling can be quite frustrating, especially when you have stocked up on perishables. If you’re facing this problem in Ottawa, worry not! FairApplianceRepair offers expert solutions for all your woes related to fridge repair in Ottawa. Whether your appliance is brand new or an older model, these common issues could be affecting its performance. Here’s what might be going wrong and how our services for fixing fridges in Ottawa come to your rescue.

Dirty Condenser Coils:

Often overlooked, dirty condenser coils can be the secret culprits behind your refrigerator’s lackluster performance. These coils, crucial for dissipating heat from the fridge, can get coated in dust over time. This layer of debris prevents efficient heat transfer, forcing your unit to work harder and still fall short of keeping the contents cold. Regular cleaning of these coils is a service included in our Ottawa fridge repair package, ensuring your refrigerator functions at its peak efficiency.

cleaning condencer coils
clean condenser coils

Incorrect Temperature Settings:

It might sound simple, but incorrect temperature settings are a frequent oversight in many households. The ideal temperature for your freezer is between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit or between  -17 and -15 degrees Celcius, while your fridge should be between 34 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit or between 1 and 4 degrees Celcius. Our FairApplianceRepair technicians not only correct these settings for you but also educate you on maintaining the optimal temperatures, ensuring your appliance’s longevity.

fridge thermometer held by baked turkey

Faulty Condenser Fan Motor:

Another common reason for the “refrigerator not cooling” predicament is the condenser fan. The condenser fan is vital for pulling air over the coils and promoting heat dissipation. If this component malfunctions, effective cooling is compromised. At FairApplianceRepair, we assess the fan motor during our fridge repair services in Ottawa, ensuring it’s free from obstructions and operational, maintaining the perfect internal conditions for your perishables.

GE fridge condencer fan repair, Orleans
Condenser Fan Motor Info

Ineffective Door Gaskets:

The door gasket is the refrigerator’s silent guardian, keeping warm air out and cold air in. If your refrigerator is not cooling, the door gasket could be damaged, allowing air to seep in and compromising the appliance’s cooling efficacy. Our technicians can quickly replace faulty gaskets, restoring your refrigerator’s optimal function as part of our comprehensive fix fridge Ottawa services.

Illustration of a fridge door gasket, transformed into a character. The black rubbery square now has eyes, a mouth, and limbs, standing guard in front of a refrigerator. Its protective nature is emphasized as it ensures no cold air escapes from the fridge.

The Mystery of the Defrost Thermostat:

It’s also noteworthy that a refrigerator not cooling adequately can be due to a thermostat. A faulty defrost thermostat disrupts the defrost cycle, leading to frost accumulation on the evaporator coils and subsequent cooling issues. Our skilled technicians are equipped to check the continuity of your defrost thermostat and replace it if necessary, a critical step in refrigerator repair.

The Critical Role of the Start Relay:

The start relay oversees the power allocation to the compressor, serving as a responsive switch that powers the compressor when the internal temperature of the refrigerator surpasses the designated thermostat level. A malfunctioning relay may cause audible clicking sounds from the refrigerator as the compressor makes unsuccessful attempts to initiate. The start relay is a critical ally to the compressor, which can be considered the heartbeat of your refrigerator. If this relay is faulty, it can hinder the compressor from functioning, leading to a refrigerator not cooling. To ensure optimal performance, our comprehensive diagnostic process meticulously evaluates these components, ensuring they function flawlessly and maintain the refrigerator’s efficient operation.

Ultra-high-definition image of a fridge compressor's start relay, showcasing the component from a different angle. The intricate details and structure are clearly visible, emphasizing its crucial role in the refrigeration system.


When your refrigerator is not cooling efficiently, it’s more than an inconvenience; it’s a pressing concern that needs immediate attention. From faulty components to dirty coils, several issues could be at play. That’s why FairApplianceRepair is dedicated to providing prompt and efficient service for your refrigerator repair needs in Ottawa. Contact us today to restore your refrigerator’s performance and your peace of mind!

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