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Fair Appliance Repair is well-grounded in the repairs and installation of washing machines of all brands.

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Your washing machine can be repaired!

If you have to go to work and you don’t have any clean clothes because your washing machine is broken, it’s not ideal. If you have a big family with children, you need your washing machine to work properly so everyone can be in clean clothes. It’s stressful when your washer suddenly doesn’t clean clothes or starts leaking.

And if your washing machine is flooding your laundry room, you definitely need to have it repaired. 

Our expert technician will come to your house same day your washing machine broke and assess the damage. We have the experience to figure out what’s wrong and the right contacts to order new parts in quickly if needed. 

Contact us for your washing machine repair in the Ottawa-Gatineau area today and we will be there in just a few hours! No handwashing required.

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"Installer was very nice and went out of his way to install the dishwasher even with clearing out a cupboard that was not expected. He was careful with the covid restrictions and very clean. I would happily use his service again and would recommend him to friends!!"


"I used this service for my rental unit's washer. Slava was professional and gave me honest information over the phone regarding my options for repair vs purchasing a new unit. Excellent service. Thank you"


"Really appreciated Slava’s professional help today. He fixed my dishwasher and gave me advice so as to prevent the same thing from happening. He also gave me info on acquiring parts. Thank you!"

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